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Hawaiian Oats



1    Cup Cooked Oatmeal

1    Tablespoon deb's Pineapple Pepper Jam

 Optional Toppings Include:

-     Flaked or shredded coconut

-     Macadamia or your favorite nuts


If you put sugar on your breakfast oatmeal...Why not flavored sugar?

Add deb's Pineapple Pepper Jam to oatmeal for a Hawaiian breakfast!

  1. Cook your instant or regular oats as normal

  2. Open a Jar of deb's Pineapple Pepper Jam

  3. Spoon a about a Tablespoon per cup of oats and mix into the oats.  Top with Half and Half or milk

  4. Add any of the optional Hawaiian ingredients you might want

  5. Enjoy a new way to eat oatmeal, but be forewarned its addictively good

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