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Turkey Tacos

Turkey Taco-2.jpg


1    White Corn Tortilla

2    Slices Smoked Turkey 

1    Slice Provolone Cheese

1    Teaspoon deb's Raspberry Pepper Jelly

Optional Toppings Include:

-     Sliced Avacado

-     Lettuce

-     Crispy Bacon, because well, bacon!


Necessity being the mother of invention, we ran out of bread for a noontime sandwich.  We improvised with Corn Tortillas and enjoyed it so much we now do it on purpose and know you will love it too.

  1. Heat a non-stick pan on med-high heat.

  2. Place the tortilla in the pan to warm for 20 seconds.

  3. After 20 seconds, flip the tortilla.

  4. Top the tortilla with smoked turkey slices.

  5. Top the turkey with a slice or half slice of provolone cheese.

  6. Place a lid over the pan.

  7. Once the cheese has melted remove to a plate.  You should have some charring on the bottom of the tortilla if the pan is hot enough.

  8. Add deb's Raspberry Pepper Jelly and optional toppings

  9. Fold and enjoy.

Get Creative with other pairings:

 - Ham, Cheddar, and deb's Pineapple Pepper Jam

 - Turkey, Pimento Cheese, and deb's Blackberry Pepper Jelly

 - Sliced Meatballs, Mozzarella, and deb's Hot Pepper Jelly

 - Your are only limited by your imagination!

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